Air freight adds 15-20% to the cost of the interconnect vs. sea freight of 5-10%.

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embodies the intersection of value added engineering expertise and exceptional market knowledge specific to electronic interconnection - printed circuit boards ("PCB"), cables and harnesses. And it is the dynamic combination of these inherent capabilities that differentially establishes as a strategic asset for the development and execution of interconnect sourcing regimens. Whether designing an interconnect sourcing strategy and developing an implementation plan therein or facilitating the supply of PCB and related custom interconnection components directly, is committed to and capable of providing exceptional cost and performance optimization. Our outstanding industry relationships are global and our product knowledge is world-class, thereby assuring results that far exceed those provided by other industry consultants or PCB sourcing intermediaries.

Our team of industry-recognized interconnection engineers and materials management experts has as our mandate to drive efficiency, cost effectiveness and integrity into your interconnect sourcing program. Efficiency and cost effectiveness require a strategy that invokes the matching of what is typically non-homogenous demand with targeted supply. Integrity requires a combination of supply channel verification and ongoing testing as well as multiple and interchangeable vendors for each interconnect technology category.

We execute our mandate by aggregating and analyzing the PCB spend from multiple OEM and EMS customers and then partitioning the demand across our approved vendor platform. This strategy allows us to: 1/ effectuate greater cost competitiveness across multiple best-in-class supply partners and logistics providers; 2/ facilitate best technology “fit” solutions within the consolidated customers’ PCB portfolio versus the typical “one size fits all” supply approach; and 3/ execute redundancy in the supply channel.    We have “in-region and on-site” supplier quality, program management and logistics resources who work closely with our manufacturers to insure the best possible performance in terms of quality and on-time delivery. 

That’s intelligent interconnection………