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Term Definition
QFP (Quad FlatPack)   A generic term for rectangular or square surface-mounting packages with leads on all four sides. Most commonly used to describe packages with gull-wing leads. [Also known as a flatpack, but flatpacks may have gull-wing leads on two sides only] QFP lead pitches are fairly standard (typically 0.8mm; 0.65mm; 0.5mm; 0.4mm), but packages may have pin counts from 44 leads up to 400 or more, there is a wide range of profiles, and much variation in dimensions and tolerances. You will need to consult the data sheet for the particular manufacturer’s part, as a brief description like ‘QFP100’ is inadequate to define the exact mechanical size and lead pitch of the package.
QTA (quick turnaround)   Circuit boards made and despatched within days rather than weeks of being ordered. Also referred to as fast turnaround