North American PCB companies are conflicted with respect to supplying Asia made PCBs.

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is uniquely positioned to provide exceptional value whether as an integral distributor in your supply chain or as a sourcing strategy advisor.


The distribution model invokes continuous in-field fabricator research and qualification, regularly scheduled re-audits of existing vendors, integrated quotation and order management, production tracking, provision of samples, at-source inspection prior to shipment by our own resources as well as on-the-ground business relationship management in Asia. Our ability to provide low-cost country manufactured interconnects by top notch vendors spans a myriad of technologies and services (from prototype to production). The breadth of our interconnect capabilities includes:

PCB categories

  • Double sided
  • conventional; heavy copper (6 ounce finished)
  • Multilayer
  • 4 – 40 layer
  • Hybrids
  • thermal management; ultra low df (RF); cavity boards
  • HDI
  • 50µm features; microvia; 4-N-4 structures; buried/blind vias
  • Backpanel
  • up to 48 layers; 24” x 48”; full population available
  • Flexible
  • Polyimide; FR4; multilayer; sculpted; w/ stiffeners
  • Rigid flex
  • up to 20 layers; full population available
  • Other
  • embedded passives; Halogen-free; back drilling

    PCB qualifications

  • AS9100
  • Bellcore-compliant
  • IPC-6012 Class 2, 3
  • IPC-6013 Class 2, 3
  • IPC-6016 Class 2, 3
  • IPC-6018 Class 2, 3
  • ISO9002, ISO14001, ISO18001, ISO27001
  • RoHS
  • TS16949
  • UL

  • Cable and harnesses

    gives you direct access to low cost, high quality, custom cable and connector manufacturing in Asia within ISO9001 certified facilities. Our partners produce custom and standard products, allowing you the flexibility to design cable solutions to your specific needs. Our products and services include:
  • high-speed cables
  • RF cables
  • flex cables
  • wire harnesses
  • molded connectors and assemblies
  • design services and documentation
  • tooling and test development

  • Advisory

    value-added engineering service provides interconnect education and consulting ranging from PCB basics to advanced layout and materials science. Furthermore, our world-class technical team has a thorough understanding of what it takes to optimize the cost versus performance dynamic where it counts - at the design engineering and CAD layout levels. Our design consulting elements include:
  • design-for-manufacturability guidance
  • design for low cost country transitioning
  • materials science (dielectrics, surface finishes) education
  • interconnect technology roadmap development
  • failure analysis

  • Our sourcing advisory services are similarly exceptional. Our industry expertise and global experiences provide you with a ready conduit to the best Asia and domestic supply channels available. Our customized processes include:
  • development of procurement and quality assurance specifications
  • vendor selection, qualification and audit protocols
  • test vehicle design and implementation
  • strategic planning and execution
  • performance measurement and benchmarking

  • That’s intelligent interconnection………